Saturday, February 5, 2011

A New Year

This last year has flown by... being a mom has kept me pretty busy. I love every moment and have never felt so loved, or blessed. We have been blessed with a wonderful daughter, a home, family, friends, good health, jobs.... and the list goes on.

The last year Dayle and I were able to find a home. Things did get a little crazy and the first home fell through leaving us stranded because our townhouse contract was up. We had some wonderful friends The Stantons let us stay with them until we closed on our home and were able to move in. It was a ton of fun.

Since we have moved in Eden has learned how to crawl, walk, and say a few words... "mama, dada, more, lease... (for please), num-a-num (for food or banana), hi, hey, uh hu, mmm (for yum ), and a few others. She will repeat almost anything though, so we have to be careful. She is learning way to fast.

Dayle was very excited to have passed all the sections of the CPA exam and has sent of for his CPA lisence. He was also promoted to a Senior level at work. I am very proud of him and all that he does for our family! His hard work allows me to stay home with Eden, and for that I am so grateful.

I have been taking classes on and off and should FINALLY have my Bachelors by December. I only have about 10 credits left and am determined to get it! I also coupon. Not a little. but a ton. I save at least 75-80% every shopping trip. It is really fun and have actually gotten to teach a few coupon classes as well.

Dayle and I did have a few trips this year... A few to Alabama to visit family! Two trips to Idaho to visit Dayle's family, one to Vegas to visit my NANA, and then Dayle and I celebrated the New Year by going to Savanah. And yes I fell asleep before the fireworks went off. Lame I know : )

Eden's first Birthday was amazing she got way to many presents between Chirstmas and Birthday. I have never had more fun though and find it hard not to spoil my precious little princess!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Crazy life here at the Dalling home! We went in for regular appointments with the doctor. Work, school, church, friends, the normal happen life. And then suddenly we have a baby! Wow the last few months feel like they flew by. Though at moments it really felt like a life time.

I went in for my 35 week check up and they said that our baby girl was doing just fine and there was no need to worry. She was going to stay cookin' for awhile. But then that weekend... we went to the hospital. Again... For the like 3rd time? Or was it more... they all blur together! They told me that they were not going to let me go home until she was born. So Dayle and I are pros at the hospital stay now. We have a movie, game, and alone time routine. If you want to have a lot of individual time with your hubbie. Get admitted to the hospital. All the world kind of stops for awhile. You don't worry about groceries, appointments, ect. It is just you and them. And I have to admit it was pretty nice those few days before she was born.

It was even our 3rd year Anniversary the day before she was born!!! Dayle picked up some Olive Garden and some Sparkling Cider and we made a date of it. So memorable! I love my husband!

Well after 5 days in the hospital they took Eden via an Emergency C-Section! She was 36 weeks. So a tid bit early and we also spent 5 days in the NICU. So after 10 days we all went home together! Though Eden was in the NICU up until we went home together. So when we got home, I finally got to be mom. Dayle was so wonderful running from the NICU to me. Giving me updates. Taking care of Eden... He is such an amazing husband and father. Words can not express how lucky I am. He still gets up at night with her. And right now he is singing to her.

It has been a whirl wind of adventures. And I am so grateful for all the family and friends who have helped us out. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words so I will post a few... That way I won't bore you anymore. So enjoy!

Moments before our world changed forever!

Eden moments after entering the world!
Eden in the NICU on the CPAP. Only 24 hours, and then about 24 hours on low flow. What a strong baby! The nurses said she was the best little trooper ever!

First Bottle Ever! No more feeding tubes!
No tubes! Going home with mommy and daddy!

Two weeks after being home! Love our family!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Where did the time go?

A Breeze Through Our Holidays!

It has been awhile since I last posted to say the least. But things have been a little hectic here.
Not only am a slow with the prego brain, but really I am slow to get things done lately. We should be a little better now though because Dayle no longer has to come home and study until bedtime! Yay! Last Saturday he took the final portion on the CPA Exam. We are just waiting for scores to come back.

So on Halloween Dayle wanted to paint a pumpkin on my belly. I said NO! But we did go to a friends for our Halloween Party and one of my friends made the cutest treats I had to take pictures so that I could copy them another year!

Dayle in his costume!
A little cupcake with rolled out fondant on top!

So then Thanksgiving snuck up on us, and the doctor told Dayle and I that we should stay home and not travel. We were pretty bummed. But luckily the day before Thanksgiving I had another check up and since everything was fine he said that we could make it a quick trip! It was so much fun to be with family! And since we were all together we went ahead and celebrated our Christmas too!
Our Christmas Pillow Cases (Made By Michelle)

Brad putting the star on the tree! (With a little bit of help :)

And last but not least we have been getting the house organized for our little baby Eden! Because who knows when she will decide to show up! So we have put up a few things and are so glad that she is still cookin!
Still Getting Bigger!

Eden's Room!

The Bow Basket! 100% Girlie Girl!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Our Baby Girl Eden Loren is growning and growing. It was so fun when I finally got to see her face 3D. Since I am high risk and have appointments every two weeks and sometimes once a week we have gotten to know our ultrasound techs really well. They are so nice and have been trying to get her on the 3D for about a month now. But it seemed like every time she would turn the machine to 4D instead of the 2D Eden would hide her face. I was SO glad when she finaly quit making us play peek-a-boo! Dayle and I compared her picture to Bryent's pictures and it is interesting to see little differences in the face shape already. We are so excited to get to see and hold her.

We did have a little scare last Saturday when I started having some contractions and problems. So we called the nurse and they sent us to labor and delivery. After a few hours the contractions stopped and they did some tests. One is called a FFNT it can tell if you are going into labor in the next two weeks. It came back negative which is GREAT news. So I get her kickin in me for at least two weeks and that makes me Super happy. After 24 hours they sent us home, but told us to come straight back if it started again. So I am at home taking it easy. Writing on my blog and doing school.

So that is about that for now. Life is good and we are loving life.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Getting Crafty

So I got a little crafty and painted some letters to hang on the door to the baby's room. I got together with my friend Corryn and we had these done in no time. Now I want to keep making things. But I think my plans are bigger than my talents and I may just stop here.

So an update on out little baby. She is 23 weeks. And because the doctors are so concerned from my previous pregnancy that she will come early, they have done extra ultrasounds and even a FFN test which can tell if you will go into labor in the next two weeks. Luckily everything says that she will be in there cookin for a little bit longer. And right now she is the same size as her brother when he came. Which is really amazing because wow! It is a baby!

On another note. Dayle has now passed the first two portions of his CPA Exam! Yay for Dayle! I am so proud of him and all of the hard work that he has put into these exams. I really don't know how he does it. He is planning on taking the other two parts by the end of November and hopefully before our little girl decides to come!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So it really is official! There is a baby in there! And I am over half way to my due date, and hopefully I can make it this time. We are excited and can not wait to meet our baby girl.
I hate taking pictures of myself and really should have taken one at the beggining to compare them to, but alas I am a bit camera shy. Especially when pregnant!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Good Times!

Yes that is a goat on the roof! Saw it on our drive home from West Virginia and had to get a picture!

So While Dayle and I were in West Virgina we went for very quick ride aroung the block on a Harley. Tons of fun! But about 60 seconds into it, I was like, wait I'm pregnant! Get me off this thing!

Camping in the Smoky Mountains! A wonderful Labor Day vacation. Until we woke up the second morning in 2 inches of rain! We hopped in the car and went and got a warm shower and bed at my Aunt's house. It was a blast soggy clothes and all!
In August Dayle and I went to Stone Mountain for a company outing! We had a blast! We went on a train ride, had a 4D movie experience, ate tons of great food, and when is was dark watched the laser show.